The Surprising Benefits of Showering Together With a Partner

by Barbara Jackson
couple showering together

I don’t know about you, but I adore showering with another person. When I feel confident enough to shower with someone else, I know that relationship is a good one. It tells me that I’m ready to take the next step with them.

Do you share the shower, or do you prefer your own space? If you haven’t tried it or don’t like it, read on for some surprising benefits of showering together. And if you love showering with a partner, read on to feel smug about all these positives you’re already getting!

1. It Lets You Feel Closer to Your Partner

When should a couple shower together? I like to hop in the shower at around six months to see if we’re compatible in that regard. If neither of us is comfortable sharing that intimacy, I start to wonder what’s missing in that relationship. If we’re both ready to take that step, then great! Sharing such a personal activity always makes me feel closer to someone.

2. It Can Improve Your Confidence

Studies show that being naked around strangers can improve your confidence. Boost your self-esteem by baring everything to your partner and you may be surprised by the results. Where we see flaws, our partners may see something they like instead. Getting another perspective is bound to help if we’re feeling down about our bodies.

3. You Can Find Out Things About Them

“Oh, look at that cute freckle on your back!” “Where did you get that scar?” Being naked together in a casual environment means that you can learn so many things about your partner. Maybe they have a thrilling story about fighting off sharks in a beautiful coral reef? You’ll never know unless you ask, and you can never ask until you see the scar.couple shower together

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4. You Can Learn About Each Other’s Beauty Standards

On that note, a couple showering together also gets to find out a lot about each other’s beauty routine. Yes, you might not want him to see you with big raccoon eyes, but what if he is one of the 15% of young, heterosexual men who also wear makeup? Alternatively, what if he has disgusting shower habits? Better to know now so you can save yourself the heartbreak later!

5. It Keeps You Connected in Our Busy World

When life’s too busy for sweeping romantic gestures, jumping in the shower together can help you catch up for a few minutes. Wind down at night by showering and discussing your day, or psych up for the coming one in the morning. I promise you’ll know a lot more about each other’s lives if you do.

6. It Can Help You Get Sensual

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you may find that the spark in your relationship has started to fizzle. It happens to everyone! If you want to add a little spice, try showering together. Kissing in the shower is like kissing in the rain. The only difference is that nobody’s clothes are getting wet. And if you add soap suds, things can get even more sensual.couples showering together

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7. It Can Help You Save Water

Two-thirds of Americans take showers every day, and all that water can seriously add up to 100 gallons of water a week. So consider this: couples showering together can be a great water-saving method. And, of course, saving water also means saving money. Ka-ching!

8. It Can Get You Cleaner Faster

Scrubbing your back can be a challenge for some of us less flexible people. But with a partner, bizarre, long-handled gadgets are a thing of the past. A back scrub can be absolute bliss and leave you feeling cleaner than ever. Just don’t forget to return the favor!

9. Two Heads Are Better Than One

Shower thoughts are a real scientific phenomenon that helps with creative problem-solving. While they can happen during other activities, such as washing the dishes, one study found that 30% of people had insightful thoughts in the shower. Now multiply that power by two, add in a brainstorming partner, and you can solve all of your problems in record time!taking a shower together

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10. It Can Be Fun!

Finally, showering together can simply be a fun activity to do together. No, I’m not talking about that activity; you can figure that out for yourselves. I mean writing cute messages on the steamy glass, playing with soap bubbles, and spending time together. Anything is more fun as a couple, including taking a shower together!

Tips to Have a Great Shower With Your Partner

All that said, I’ve had my share of shower mishaps in the past. Learn from my mistakes and prepare yourself for fantastic shower times with the following tips:

  • Soap + Shower = Slippery!

Make sure you don’t end up in the emergency department by putting a non-slip mat on the floor. However, if you do fall in the shower, at least with your partner there, you have someone to pick you up again! Alright, I’ve persuaded myself that this one is another positive. But the point is: that preparation is key!

  • Pick Your Location Carefully

A shower cubicle that you can barely turn around in when you’re on your own? Not a good candidate for co-showering. The best showers for couples have enough space to make sure that everyone is comfy and doesn’t get too cold. Don’t hog the hot water and prepare to compromise on water temperature if necessary.couple showering together

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Are you feeling ready to get soaped up? Take a chance at showering as a couple and see where it takes you. With the benefits I’ve shared here, you should be more than acquainted now with all the positives you can get by taking a shower with that special someone. And who knows, if everything goes right while you two get soaked together, that may be the indication you need to take things forward in your relationship.

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