How to Properly Wear a Yukata

by Anna Spencer
how to tie a yukata

During Japan’s summertime, people often wear old-style costumes to celebrate events like traditional tea festivities and symbolic fireworks displays. Among these traditional Japanese garments is a colorful and attractive yukata, a legendary outfit worn by both women and men in these festivities for many years. This stylish yet simple cloth was initially worn as casual wear or a bathrobe but is currently a prevalent choice for festivals.

Most tourists admire the yukata for its eye-catching and colorful designs, and visitors frequently wear it at the ryokan, a traditional Japanese guesthouse. Its breathable and lightweight fabric is ideal and desirable for hot weather conditions like summer. Read on to understand how to wear a yukata suitably and abundantly to enjoy your celebrations in style.

Yukata Design and Significance

Resembling a traditional kimono, the yukata is worn in casual settings like bathhouses and summer events. It was established during the Heian period (794-1185) as a bathrobe, but its modern use is more extensive, including summertime outfits. Its linen or cotton fabric material makes it lighter, breathable, and more casual than the traditional silk kimono.

You can get your yukata in numerous colors and shapes, ranging from complex patterns to bold and modest monochromatic prints. They often match with geta, an old-style Japanese footwear, and both females and males can wear them comfortably. These stylish fabrics showcase Japanese culture due to their rich traditions and fashion statement, making them popular.yukata how to wear

How to Wear a Yukata Properly

Do you desire to know how to wear a Yukata male attire or a female one? If you’re not conversant with this type of clothing, shaping and putting on this traditional outfit could seem intimidating. Below are the crucial preparations to wear a yukata properly.

1. Choosing the Right Yukata

The initial preparation for wearing a yukata is acquiring the appropriate one for your body size. You can get them from online stores or traditional markets specializing in Japanese outfits. Ensure you choose a yukata that fits your body type and personal style.

Also, consider the design, pattern, and color cautiously. Often, yukatas with more subdued designs like geometric patterns or stripes are popular choices for men, while women prefer ones with floral prints or bright colors.

2. Preparing for Wear

You should prepare the accompanying undergarments and accessories before wearing the yukata. For women to have a more charming traditional appearance, they should have hair accessories, hand-fan, geta or sandals with wooden bases, and a sash or obi. It is also necessary to put on undergarments like hadajuban to safeguard your yukata from dirt and to wear a yukata male

3. Putting on the Yukata

Although there could be a slight difference in how to put on a yukata attire depending on your gender, the process is straightforward. Below are general step-by-step directives on how to properly wear a yukata.

  • Step 1: Slip on the Yukata

For both females and males, begin by holding the yukata against your body and slipping it over your underclothes. Ensure the yukata’s hemline stretches above your ankles for the appropriate length. Also, ensure its left side covers the right one.

  • Step 2: Tuck the Fabric

Hold your yukata on the right side and fold it beneath, towards your waist’s left side. Tuck its edge into your waistband to lock it. Apply the same with the left side, inserting it in tightly.

  • Step 3: Adjust the Shoulders

Fine-tune and pull up the attire at the back of your neck to form some slack. It will give you sufficient room to move comfortably and rotate your arms freely.

  • Step 4: Adjusting the Collar

You should fold your attire’s collar outwards to create a V shape. Ensure that its collar sits against your back and in the neck’s center. Fix it comfortably on your shoulders and disperse it evenly on both sides.

Wrapping and Tying the Obi

Do you desire to know how to tie a yukata? Below are some crucial steps for both females and males to help you get the perfect look:

  • For Women

Cover your obi around your waist two times, beginning from your right hip. Ensure that the obi is tied tightly and located just underneath your navel. Then, make a crossbow on the behind with the remaining material, either at your lower back or to put on a yukata

  • For Men

Men’s obi is usually thinner and shorter than women’s, so it is shrouded around the waist once before being knotted. Cover your obi around your waist once with the ends meeting at your stomach. Hold the right edge and wrap it over your left, then pull both ends of the obi tightly. For a traditional look, fold the obi in half before wrapping it to form a slender band.

Tips for Beginner Yukata Wearers

  • Ensure that your yukata is not too tight or moveable, as it should be contentedly snug to avoid discomfort or wrinkles while moving.
  • Avoid sitting or folding the hemline to keep your outfit fresh and crisp.
  • Accessorize with a geta or clogs and a hand-fan to complement your traditional appearance.
  • Add hair accessories or various obi-tying approaches to add personal elegance.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Wrapping the obi at the front instead of tying it behind.
  • Wearing an Obi that is too big or an over-sized Yukata.
  • Overlooking collar fine-tuning can lead to an uncomfortable or bent fit.
  • Putting on an inappropriate underdress can compromise the yukata’s comfort and appearance.


The yukata is a versatile, comfortable, and beautiful costume that anyone can wear. Whether you want to embrace Japanese culture or attend a summer holiday, you can put on a yukata by following these easy steps. Experiment with diverse styles and have fun to make your yukata truly your own. With proper tying and the right fit, you can relish all your summer celebrations in this well-designed and timeless traditional attire.

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